Check CRN Number, Get Kotak Bank Account CRN Number by SMS

By SMS, check your Kotak Bank account CRN number. Customer relationship number (CRN) for your Kotak Mahindra Bank account is a unique identification for you within Kotak Mahindra Bank. Your account number and CRN number are provided to you when you create an account with Kotak Bank. Your CRN number and account number are distinct.

Check CRN Number

You must first input your CRN number while signing up for Kotak Mahindra Bank’s nett banking and mobile banking services. It serves as both your login for nett banking. Don’t worry if you don’t know your Kotak Bank account CRN number; in this article, we’ll explain many simple ways to locate it.

Get Kotak Bank Account CRN Number by SMS

By SMS, view your Kotak Account CRN number. To receive your CRN number via SMS, simply send an SMS from your Kotak registered mobile number.

  • Type “CRN” and send it to 9971056767
  • After sending this SMS, you will receive your CRN via SMS.

On your debit card, locate your Kotak CRN number.

Your Kotak Debit card also has your customer relationship number on it. It appears on your debit or credit card beneath your name.

On your E-Statement, look for your CRN number.

  • Your CRN number may be found on your email statement PDF file if you get your e-statement on a registered email ID.
  • Simply check the account information by opening the e-statement PDF file.

On Cheque Book, locate your CRN number.

  • On the top page of your cheque book, which is where your account information is displayed, you may also find your customer relationship number.
  • Simply open the first page of your cheque book to identify your customer relationship number, (Ref. no. 1828XXXXX).

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