CBI KYC Update Form, Central Bank of India KYC Form PDF 2024 Download

How to Fill Bank of India KYC Form 2024 – in 1 Minute, Before filling the Bank of India KYC form, you must have some important documents . Before filling the KYC Form, you must have documents like Passbook, PAN Card and Aadhaar Card. Friends, if you have all these documents then you can fill this KYC Form.

CBI Re KYC Update Form Download

Step1:- Bank Account Details

  • Customer ID: – Fill it by looking at the Customer ID from the Passbook.
  • Branch:- Fill in the name of your branch.
  • Account Number:- Fill your Aadhaar number in this.
  • Title of Account: – In this type of your account is to be filled. As you have Saving Account, then you fill Saving Account in it.

Step2:- Personal Details

  • First Name: – In this you fill your first name.
  • Surname :- Fill your surname in this. Just as you are verma, so you fill verma in it, similarly you fill what you are in it.
  • Father/ Husband Name:- Fill your father’s name in this.
  • Date of Birth:- Fill your date of birth in this.
  • PAN No:- Enter your PAN card number.
  • Nationality: – In this you have to choose Nationality. This means that if you are an Indian, then tick Indian.
  • Status: – In this you tick on Resident individual.

Step3:- Address Details

Client Must Submit Identification Proof: – You must provide evidence of the information you will include with the form in this. Tick the Aadhaar Card box if you want to provide it as proof.

  1. Address of Correspondence:- Fill your full address in this.
  2. State:- In this you fill the name of your state.
  3. Country: – In this you fill the name of your country.
  4. Postal Code:- Enter the pin code of your city.
  5. Mobile Number- Fill your mobile number in this.
  6. Email Id:- Enter your email id in this.
  7. Permanent Address:- In this you fill your permanent address.

Step4:- Other Details

  • Gross Annual Income Details: – Tick how much you earn, if you do not earn then leave it.
  • 2.Occupation Details:- In this you tell the type of your job.
  • Photo And Signature: – In this you paste your photo in the given box and hit your signature below.
  • Date: – Fill in the date of the day on which you will deposit it in the bank.
  • Place: – In this you write the name of your place.

CBI KYC Update Form,

Download CBI KYC Update Form (For Individuals Only)