Block IDBI Bank Credit Card, How to Block IDBI Credit Card

How to Cancel and Request a Replacement Credit Card from IDBI Bank: Stop using your credit card immediately and report it missing or stolen.

How to Block IDBI Credit Card

When you restrict your credit card, thieves have less chance of using it to make unauthorised purchases. IDBI Bank offers four ways to freeze a lost or stolen IDBI credit card.

You may freeze your IDBI Bank credit card in a few different ways:


  • To begin, go to the IDBI Bank homepage and enter your user ID and password to access your online banking.
  • Credit Cards > Credit Card Hostlisting in the available navigation bar. Under “netbanking,” you can view your registered credit cards.
  • Choose the card you want to block, then specify why you’re banning it.
  • Enter the password and click the “Submit” button to complete the purchase.

Donations through the phone:

  • Upon receiving the automated voice prompt, enter your 4-digit PIN to verify your account.
  • Listen to the rest of the IVR’s instructions to cancel your IDBI Credit Card.
  • You may also reach the bank through text message in the following format instead of making a phone call:
  • Text “BLOCK Customer ID>” to 5676777.

The App Store:

  • Use your netbanking credentials to enter your mobile banking account.
  • Follow the prompts to hotlist your credit card.
  • Please now provide your credit card information (number, expiration date, security code, etc.).
  • Just hit the “Submit” button.

Branch of IDBI Bank:

  • Stop by any IDBI Bank location and get a credit card cancellation form at the teller stand.
  • You must complete the paperwork and drop it off at the bank.


Is there a cost to get a new card?

Yes, there is a Rs. 100 change card fee at IDBI Bank.

What is IDBI Bank’s free phone number for inquiries?

IDBI Bank has a free, always-available customer service hotline, 1800-226-9999.

May I put a temporary hold on my IDBI credit card?

The answer is yes; go to your online banking platform’s ‘ manage card’ area and temporarily disable your credit card.

Does SMS Banking allow for the blocking of a credit card?

Yes, you may send the message “Block Customer ID>” to 5676777 through text.

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