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Bill Pay, Customer Support, and Capital One Walmart Credit Card Login, Examine the information on the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card or Capital One Walmart MasterCard. How Do I Get a Walmart Credit Card? What are the advantages of using these credit cards? How can you log in and gain access to your online account? Check out this page for all of the above information as well as other crucial information about these cards.

Walmart Credit Card Login

Capital One Bank provides the Walmart Credit Card or Walmart Store Card. There are two kinds of credit cards that may be obtained.

Walmart Capital One Credit Card Login

  • Walmart Rewards Card
  • Walmart Rewards MasterCard

Capital One offers Walmart credit cards and maintains all clients’ online credit accounts. Capital One determines the needed qualifying requirements and other sorts of terms and conditions for new clients.

If you are a new client and wish to apply for a Walmart credit card, you must first agree to Capital One bank’s privacy policies.


All Credit Card holders will receive the special privileges and reward points listed below.

  • All Credit Card holders will receive a 5% reward on all purchases made on the website.
  • If you shop at Walmart, you will receive a 2% reward.
  • As an inaugural promotion, all customers will be able to receive 5% cash back at Walmart shops for the first year.
  • When you use your MasterCard, you will receive 1% cash back on all purchases.
  • Walmart Card Card can only be used at and in-store locations, however Walmart MasterCard may be used everywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • There is no longer any need to carry cash; instead, take advantage of cashless transactions anywhere and experience complete financial independence and purchasing power with the assistance of these Credit Cards.
  • There is no yearly charge with any Credit Card.
  • Connect your Capital One Walmart Credit Card to the Walmart Pay app for a convenient and secure payment experience.
  • You may also redeem your rewards points in your Card statement, which is a unique feature. You do not need to make any purchases to redeem your reward points. You may also use your rewards points to buy trips, gift cards, or anything else at a Walmart store or online. These reward points have no expiration date, so you may use them whenever you choose.

Fees and expenses:

Please have a look at the many sorts of fees and charges listed below.

Fee typeWalmart Rewards CardWalmart Rewards Mastercard
Annual fee$0$0
APR for purchases26.99% (variable according to prime rate)17.99%, 23.24%, or 26.99%, based on your creditworthiness.
APR for Balance TransferN/A17.99%, 23.24%, or 26.99%, based on your creditworthiness.
APR for Cash AdvancesN/A26.99% (variable according to prime rate)
Balance Transfer FeeN/A3% of the amount of each transferred balance
Cash Advances FeeN/AEither $10 or 3% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater.
Late Payment PenaltyUp to $39Up to $39

Login to Your Walmart Credit Card

Existing credit card holders can manage their accounts by visiting the Walmart Credit Card website. Customers who create an online account will have access to the following online services and facilities.

  • Credit card accounts may be managed online from anywhere.
  • Online access to your Card balance and monthly statement.
  • View the card’s outstanding balance and due date, as well as pay the Credit Card bill, using an online credit card account.
  • Apply online for a paperless card statement and control your email and text notifications.
  • There is also an option for automatic payment, which may be accessed after logging into your account.

All of the aforementioned features are accessible after logging onto the official website. If you wish to access your account, you must first log in. The login procedure is outlined below. Please double-check.

The process to log in Walmart Credit Card account:

Total Time: 5 minutes

1, Open the official page

To manage your online Credit Card account you will have to open the official Card management portal.

The portal is located at Click this link to visit the website directly.

2 Open the login page

You must now access the login page. Simply click the Sign In button to begin. You will be immediately redirected to the login page.

3 Login by entering login credentials

Enter your Username and Password in the login field and click the Sign In button. If your username and password are valid, you will be sent to your account dashboard.

How can I reset my Walmart Capital One login and password?

If you are unable to recollect your username or have forgotten your password, you can restore both using the portal’s online facility.

Simply visit the Credit One Walmart website. Below the sign-in link, click the forgot username/password link. On the login page, there is also a forgot username or password link.

As seen below, you will see an online form.

Now, fill out the form with your last name, social security number, and date of birth. Then, click the Find Me button. Your account information will be found in the database by the system.

After the portal has confirmed your account details, you can quickly reset your username and password by following the instructions on the next screen.

Set up a Walmart Credit Card online account

If you received a new card but did not use the online account or did not register your card with your online account, you can set up your online account using the methods outlined below.

Step 1: Navigate to your Capital One Walmart account management page.

Step 2: Select the Set Up My Account option. On the following page, you will see an online form to create your online account.

Step 3: Fill out this form with your last name, SSN, and date of birth, then click the Get Started button. You can also use your bank account number for your Social Security number.

Step 4: On the following screen, link your card to your account and establish a new user id and password for your online account, which will be used for future logins.

Using the Capital One mobile app, you may manage your Walmart account.

You may also use the Capital One mobile app to manage your account from anywhere at any time. The mobile app offers greater convenience and a more seamless experience.

You may get the app by going to Both Android and iOS app URLs may be found on the site. To get the mobile app, click on the appropriate link for your device.

Some of the mobile app’s unique features are listed below.

  • Check your account activity at any moment and enjoy a smooth and quick account management experience.
  • Use the mobile app to pay your credit card bill.
  • With a single click, you may lock or unlock your Credit Card.
  • Enjoy a second layer of protection with app features like face recognition and PIN lock.
  • Examine and save your account statement.
  • Get your free credit report and advice on how to improve it.
  • Redeem your reward points and contact the Capital One assistance if you have any problems.

How can I use the Walmart Pay app to pay bills in stores?

You may now get 5% cash back at Walmart shops for the first 12 months if you use the Walmart Credit Card and pay with the Walmart Pay app. There is no need to carry cash or a credit card, and the Walmart Pay app is all that is necessary for invoicing.

The procedure for paying your bill in shops is outlined below.

Visit the official Walmart Pay website.
ii-Select the Android or iOS app link in the middle of the page to download the Walmart Pay app.
iii-Install the app on your smartphone and create an account. Connect your Walmart Credit Card to the Walmart Pay app in the payment mode.
iv-When you go to the payment counter, scan your purchased products.

After that, scan the QR code at the register to pay and conveniently make your bill payment using the Credit Card, Gift Card, or Debit Card that you have linked to your Walmart Pay account.

You will be notified after the payment has been confirmed.

What is the procedure for paying the Walmart Credit Card bill?

You may pay your Walmart credit card in a variety of ways. All of the pertinent information is provided here.

i-Payment through the internet:

Most cardholders choose online payment since it is simple and convenient, and payment processing is faster. To pay your credit card bill online, please follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Enter your credentials to access your online account
  • Navigate to the payment tab and begin the payment procedure.
  • You will be given payment-related information such as the payment amount and due date, among other things.
  • Enter the amount to be paid and choose between a savings or checking account.
  • If your bank or savings account is not linked, you can link one immediately to pay the card bill.
  • Finally, complete the card payment procedure. Payment processing will take a few hours.

ii-In-Store Payment:

Customers may now pay their credit card payments inside the Walmart shop. They can go to the customer care counter and request that the credit card payment be completed.

Please provide your account number and remember to bring cash or a debit card. MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc. provides payment in-store service. To locate the nearest Walmart store, go to the store locator website.

iii-Payment via Mail:

You may also send a payment through mail. Simply send a cheque or money order to the address shown below. If you do not have your payment coupon from your credit card statement, please put your account number on the reverse of the cheque or money order.

  • Capital One
  • Attn: Payment Processing
  • P.O. Box 71083
  • Charlotte, NC 28272-1083

Express payment:

  • Capital One
  • Attn: Payment Processing
  • 6125 Lakeview Rd, Suite 800
  • Charlotte, NC 28269

iv-Pay over the phone:

Customers can contact customer support at 877-294-7880 at any time. It is an automated method, and you may effortlessly pay your credit card account by completing a few questions.

There is an option to chat with any customer support professional for a fee of $10. If you wish to avoid this additional charge, simply utilise the automated line to pay your credit card account.

How do you activate your Walmart credit card?

The procedure of activating your new Walmart credit card is simple and uncomplicated. To activate your credit card, you only need to sign up for Capital One online banking.

Simply go to to activate your Capital One card.

  1. Sign in and activate your Walmart credit card if you already have a Capital One internet banking account.
  2. Enrol & Activate – If you do not already have a Capital One account, visit this link to open one and sign up for internet banking services. During this process, your credit card will be activated.

Customer Service

For any query related to your Walmart credit card please call at Capital One Customer Service team at 877-294-7880.

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Name of credit cardWalmart Rewards Card
Walmart Rewards MasterCard
Issued byCapital One Bank
Credit card network providerMasterCard
Credit score requiredGood-Excellent
Who can applyAll Walmart customers
LocationUnited States
Official website

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