Walmart App, Download Walmart App for Free

Customers can shop on the go, track their orders, and access various other services using the Walmart app, which is available for free download on the Walmart website.

Customers can use the app to view local store and online inventory, refill or transfer prescriptions, create and manage shopping lists, track the status of their orders, view their previous purchases, find products by using image search and barcode scanning, use the app to pay for in-store purchases, and find store hours, directions, and contact information.

Download the Walmart App for Free

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The app also contains functionality such as Walmart Pay and the Savings Catcher. Customers can browse the store’s inventory, make purchases, and manage their orders directly from their mobile devices via the Walmart app. This makes for a more streamlined and tailored shopping experience.

Things that you weren’t aware the Walmart app was capable of doing

Customers may shop at Walmart, keep track of their orders, and access a range of features that make their shopping experience more simple and customized by using the Walmart app on their mobile devices. The following are some of the app’s functionalities:

  • Customers can explore goods, verify availability, and locate the best bargains by viewing the physical and online inventory.
  • Customers can transfer or refill their medications at a nearby Walmart pharmacy or the exact location.
  • Make and maintain shopping lists: Customers can make and manage lists of products they need to purchase, and they may tick items off the list while they shop for them.
  • Read the history of your purchases and check the current status of your orders: Customers may cancel their online orders and read their purchase history.
  • Image search and barcode scanning are available for customers to locate items. Customers may find things by either taking a picture of them or scanning their barcodes.
  • Consumers may use the app to pay for in-store purchases, removing the need to carry cash or credit cards with them at all times. This enables consumers to complete in-store transactions more quickly.
  • Find store hours, directions, and contact information: Customers can locate the shop closest to them, obtain surveillance, and contact the business for further information.
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In addition, the app includes features such as Walmart Pay, which enables customers to make secure payments for in-store purchases using their mobile device, and Savings Catcher, which compares the prices of items purchased at Walmart with those of local competitors and provides a refund for the price difference. Both of these features are available exclusively through the app.

Using the Walmart app is the most convenient method to buy anything and everything on your list, whether it be fresh foods, needs for the home, the newest technology, or anything else. In addition, you can easily acquire your purchase precisely when you want it, thanks to our handy pickup, delivery, and shipping options, which make it easy to do so, regardless of whether you are shopping in the store or on the road.

Obtaining your stuff in the following convenient ways:

Where do I go?

Stop by the shop to pick up your order at the front of the building, and we’ll even load your car for you.

Where are you?

Straight from your neighbourhood Walmart shop to your front door. When you need something right this second, pick express delivery so that you may have it in as little as an hour. *

*There are certain requirements and costs involved.

What about shipping?

Shipping that is fast and completed within two days, with delivery by FedEx or UPS. Free shipping on items that qualify and are above $35!

Personalized recommendations for your next purchase?

Fill your shopping cart with things you buy regularly in a brisk and straightforward manner.

Scannability of barcodes made simple?

Utilizing the item barcode scanner, you may check pricing while compiling your shopping list.

Pickup from the shop without the hassle?

If you let us know through the Walmart app that you are on your way to the store, we will bring your order out as soon as it is available.

Monitoring of orders in real-time?

You may follow the status of your purchase at any moment from the webpage, and you can have live order updates emailed directly to your phone.

Who Will Walmart Pay?

Complete your purchase via each of the available payment options. Touch the “Pay” button, and we suggest allocating your total across your various cards and balances.

Keep the maps?

When you go to a Walmart store, you may save time shopping by using store maps to locate all your favorite things quickly.

The pharmacy?

Take care of your family’s medicines, including picking them up, refilling, transferring, and managing them. In addition, you may schedule vaccines, identify testing locations, and find out further information.

Get to Know Walmart+

Getting the most out of your Walmart membership and saving the most time and money possible is a breeze when you use the Walmart app. Features that are exclusive to the Walmart+ app include the following:

Scan and move on?

You may shop at the store and check out without making contact if you use your phone.

Prices charged to members for gasoline

Get a discount of up to ten cents per gallon at more than 14,000 sites around the country**, including Exxon and Mobil stations.

**The fuel discount amount varies depending on the location and station, and it is subject to change.