SBI Debit Card Tracking, SBI ATM Card Tracking at Online

How to check the delivery status of an SBI ATM debit card; simple ways to do so utilising the India Post website. How to track the delivery of an SBI ATM card online, using SBI nett banking, with toll-free customer service. SBI account number atm card tracking

SBI Card Track

Multiple services offered by modern banking make it simple for users to use. Bank customers may now transfer money from the comfort of their homes using a mobile device. The delivery status of bank cards, including debit and credit cards, may be easily tracked. This ends frequent trips to the bank or phone calls to customer service. Customers have access to a number of channels for monitoring the status of their phones.

SBI Debit Card Track

All respected clients may take advantage of seamless banking and financial services from SBI Bank, a top multinational public sector in India. Any consumer who has registered is eligible to apply for an SBI Debit/ATM card. The card enables users to access mobile applications, make transactions on internet banking, and withdraw money from ATMs, among other financial services.

Each user-specific customer’s bank information is stored on the card. The distribution of an ATM card to a new card applicant takes 7 to 10 days. The waiting process is pretty simple since, as explained in the guide, the user may follow the delivery process using a variety of techniques.

SBI Debit Card Tracking

The SBI ATM Card Tracking Process’s Required Items

You must the following information to see your card progress:

  • Registered mobile number: The number enables the user to receive any delivery-related SMS.
  • YONO SBI app: The YONO app makes it simple to monitor the status.
  • using an online banking service One may check the status online thanks to the variety of options offered by nett banking.

YONO Lite App to Check the Status of SBI Debit Card Delivery

How to use the YONO Lite app to monitor the status of your SBI Debit card delivery.

  • Install the YONO SBI app on your smartphone.
  • Click the “manage debit card” option after logging in to the “manage cards” area.
  • Next, choose the “Account number” tab for the card whose delivery status you are interested in knowing.
  • Click the “submit” button after entering the application’s month and year.
  • The system will screen the despatch information.

SBI Yono APP Download for Android & Iphone

Android UsersDownload
Iphone (IOS) usersDownload

How to Use the India Post Portal to Check the Delivery Status of an SBI ATM Card

The bank sends the card by Indian post after the application procedure. You will receive a formal SMS on the registered cellphone number. Use the information from the SMS as follows to check the status:

  • Check the SMS sent by SBI Bank by opening the messaging app on your device.
  • If the SMS isn’t accessible, enter SBIDGT in the search field to get the information.
  • The final four numbers of the SBI ATM card—the “speed post tracking number”—will appear.
  • Go to the “Track N Trace” section of the Indian Post online portal at and input the consignment number that corresponds to your SBI ATM card tracking speed number.
  • Review the information, then click “Track”.
  • The delivery information will appear on the screen thanks to the system.
  • Activate the card to begin using it after delivery.

How to Use Online SBI Nett Banking to Check the Delivery Status of an SBI ATM Card

  • Visit the SBI Internet Banking website.
  • To sign in, enter your username and password.
  • Select the “ATM card services” option under “e-service” after moving forwards.
  • Select “Request ATM/Debit card” from the menu.
  • Apply and Enquiry choices will be available when the page opens.
  • Enter your SBI Account number in the “enquiry” tab’s data.
  • After that, enter the application month for the ATM card and click the “Submit” button.
  • The information on delivery and despatch will appear on the screen.

How to Track an SBI ATM CARD Courier by Dialling the Customer Service Number

Customers of SBI Bank can also call the helpdesk with any questions. Call the toll-free lines for customer service to obtain delivery information:

  • 1800 1234,
  • 1800 112211
  • 1800 425 3800
  • 1800 2100

The bank agent will ask you to confirm your information, and if they are happy, they will assist with status information.