CBI Bank ATM Block, How to Block Central Bank of India Debit Card

Call the bank’s customer service to disable your missing CBI ATM card. Call them at 1800 200 1911, their toll-free number, and use the IVR Options to block them. The way we take money out of our bank accounts has completely altered thanks to ATM cards. Consider a time when India did not have any ATMs. We had to go to our local branch to take money from our bank account. But for now, all we need to do is locate an ATM close by, and we’re set to go.

How to Block Central Bank of India ATM Card?

We are able to withdraw cash even though the ATM is not owned by the Central Bank of India. Because all of the bank’s ATMs now accept cards from all banks. But, you should act quickly if you’ve misplaced your card. The next thing you have to do is ban the CBI ATM card.

Blocking ATM Card by Sending SMS

The money in your bank account is at risk if you don’t block it in a timely manner. I’ll outline the entire process for blocking an ATM card issued by the Central Bank of India in this post.

 Let’s examine how to ban Central Bank of India ATM Cards starting with this post. You have four ways to stop it.

Steps to Block CBI ATM Card by Sending SMS:

  1. 1. Using your registered cellphone number, you must Text the bank.
  2. 2. Enter the SMS using the formatting shown here.
  3. 3. LOST Bank Account Information
  4. 4. Send it to (+967) 7553 3228.

If you send SMS from a cell number that is not associated with your bank account, take note. Your card won’t be banned after that. To prevent errors, double-check your bank account number before sending the Text.

Blocking ATM Card By Calling Customer Care

  • 1. Contact the bank’s customer service department at 1800 200 1911, which is a toll-free number.
  • 2. Connect your call so you may speak with the customer service representative.
  • 3. Inform them that you misplaced your card and that you want to block it.
  • 4. They will ask you for certain information, such as the number on your ATM card.
  • 5. After giving them all the information, your card will be instantly banned.

Blocking ATM Card by Visiting Home Branch

Steps to Block CBI ATM Card by Visiting Home:

  1. 1. Go to the branch of the bank where you have an account, sometimes known as your home branch.
  2. 2. Inform the bank staff that your ATM card has been misplaced and that you wish to block it.
  3. 3. Your card will be stopped and they will request the information for your bank account.

Blocking ATM Card by Sending Email

This approach works more slowly than the other three, therefore I don’t advise using it. I have nevertheless brought this up to provide you all the facts.

Steps to Block CBI ATM Card by Sending Email:

  1. Send an Email to [email protected]
  2. Mention your ATM card details in the Email.
  3. And the bank will block your card.

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