Block Vijaya Bank Credit Card, How to Block Vijaya Bank Credit Card

Can I Send an SMS to Cancel My Vijaya Bank Credit Card? So, let’s talk about how to cancel a credit card with Vijaya Bank today. Immediately placing a host list alert on a lost or stolen card is necessary. There is no need to submit an application or visit a branch. Blocking only requires an SMS message. Read the whole thing if you want the full scoop: Stopping Vijaya Bank Transactions.

How to Block Vijaya Bank Credit Card

The Vijaya Bank is a nationwide financial organization in India. The bank has 2031 locations, including 13 outreach offices and 2001 automated teller machine locations, all across the country to meet better the banking and financial requirements of individuals from all walks of life.

Block Vijaya Bank Credit Card

Vijaya Bank provides customers various options, including automated teller machines, cash deposit machines, mobile banking, tab banking, and a mobile wallet. The Vijaya Bank supports both NEFT and RTGS for the transfer of money. Customers can get credit cards and Rupay credit cards from the bank. All bank locations support NEFT/RTGS money transfers. This financial institution was an early adopter of offering convenient, cutting-edge services to consumers online.

How to Block Your Vijaya Bank Credit Card at an ATM

  • Call Free Anytime for Help with Your Vijaya Bank Credit Card
  • Here are some toll-free numbers you may contact if you have questions about your credit card:

In the event of card theft, please get in touch with 1800-225-100 to order a replacement card. Before you do, get the same number again and hotlist the credit card. Send an email with “BL – (credit card number)” in the subject line to “”

You may also block a card by texting “BLOCK” (plus the last four digits of the card number) to 9223171141. To cancel your card, dial 1800-225-100 or 1800-103-1006. Online blocking of the vehicle is also an option.


When will my credit card be unfrozen?

Simply calling the Vijaya Bank customer service number and requesting that your card be unblocked would do the trick. You must supply your Know Your Customer information if you want your card cleared. In addition to visiting a local BoB office, you may get your card unblocked by sending an SMS message, emailing the bank, using online banking, or calling customer service.

Where can I find the most popular credit cards?

When your credit card is hotlisted, fraudsters will have more difficulty using it. Put your credit card on a “hot list” to stop additional fraud from occurring.

When will I be able to speak with someone from BoB’s customer service department?

Credit card customers can access a customer support representative around the clock via a toll-free line with an interactive voice response (IVR) system. Calling the toll-free number gives you access to a BoB customer service representative anytime, from any location.

If I misplace my credit card, what should I do?

To have your credit card temporarily disabled in the event of its loss, you must first contact a BoB customer service representative. You must also visit the local police station to register an FIR and provide the bank with a copy of the report.

There’s damage on my credit card. When will a replacement be available?

You may report a damaged card to BoB’s customer support by calling their toll-free number. The manager will walk you through the steps necessary to submit a replacement card request. You may also submit a replacement card request using your computer or mobile device. If you like, you may also go into any branch of BoB and get a new credit card. A bank employee will assist you.