Block Indian Bank Credit Card, How to Block Indian Bank Credit Card

The Indian Bank gives its clients the option to either block or unblock their credit cards, and the bank also offers this service to its consumers. In 1907, as part of the Swadeshi movement, the Bank was established, and today, the bank operates out of 2819 branches across India.

You may visit the Indian Bank branch closest to you or visit their official website at to take advantage of any other financial services they provide, such as blocking your credit card or getting a new chequebook.

Bank of the Indians Put a hold on or unlock your credit card, If a customer’s credit card is lost, stolen, or used fraudulently in any other way, Indian Bank gives them the option to block or unblock their card. To utilise this service, the customer must contact the following number to block the credit card from the registered mobile phone:

If the credit card is located, there is a possibility that it will be used fraudulently. The individual can withdraw the entire sum that is present in your account. After losing my credit card, I immediately canceled it and had it blocked. To avoid abuse, you need to stop or add the absent card. If you lose your credit card, Indian Bank gives you many options for banning it. So let’s begin with how to exclude credit cards issued by the Indian Bank, shall we?

How Can I Block My Credit Card From Indian Bank?

I have compiled a list of the four ways to ban credit cards issued by Indian banks. By using these methods, you will be able to cancel the credit card straightforwardly.

Put a stop to the Indian bank. Call the toll-free number to pay with a credit card.

  • If you call the toll-free number available around the clock, you can place a block on your credit card.
  • To reach the national toll-free number, dial 180042500000 from the mobile phone number you registered with us.
  • To talk with a customer service agent, you must follow the recommendations the IVR provides.
  • Put a hold on your credit card by submitting a complaint with the company.
  • You are responsible for providing the executive with accurate information.
  • Your credit card won’t work once you’ve confirmed your order.
  • You will receive a confirmation message with the case number on the mobile device you registered with us.

Email-based banning of credit cards issued by Indian Bank

  • If you want a credit card stopped, you can request to do so through email.
  • Email the required account, card, and account holder information to either or Include the subject line “ATM Hotlist.”
  • Once your credit card has been disabled, the bank will email you to let you know it’s been done.

Putting a stop to the use of credit cards through online banking

  • Visit the website of the Indian Bank using either your PC or your mobile device.
  • The Official Website of the Indian Bank
  • On the subsequent page, select “Net Banking,” then enter your User ID and Password to log in.
  • From the main screen, select the “Block Credit Card” option.
  • Once you have selected the Credit card number and the explanation for blocking, you must pick the block button.
  • Is it possible to block a credit card using the IndOASIS app?
  • Visit the Play Store to download and install the IndOASIS mobile application.
  • Launch the application, and sign in with your existing account details.
  • You should also set a password for the application.
  • After completing the registration, you must input the mPIN to use the app.
  • Choose the “Cards” option from the primary menu’s drop-down menu.
  • On the screen, select the “Block Card” option.
  • At this time, select “Lock this” from the card’s available options.
  • On the new screen, you must ensure the cautionary wording is checked.
  • After that, you’ll need to click the Lock button.

You may stop using your credit card immediately by following the instructions in our article on how to stop using an Indian Bank credit card.

Contact TMD/ATM Section at the following telephone numbers.

BankIndian Bank
Bank Customer Care Phone1800 425 00 000
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